PSA: Forum errors - PLEASE READ

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PSA: Forum errors - PLEASE READ

Postby arcana75 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:31 pm

For the past 2 days, due to my noob attempts at trying to fix the Youtube embed bbcodes, I messed up some parts of the board, and screwed up the Points mod. Then in my attempt to fix the Points mod (by removing it), the removal of the mod was unclean and basically broke the board completely. I've been able to repair some of the damage, but did miss out on some (thanks to overhype for alerting me!), was not aware that posting and replying was still broken.

I've fixed the problem with replies and posts, but if anyone spots anything more, please alert me by PSN or PM. Thanks!

And apologies to all for the inconvenience :oops:
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