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About and Recruitment

Postby vangel » Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:48 am

This league is for casual gamers who want to play most FPS online games for fun and not under pressure of winning/competing but that is always possible.
This league was active in 2005-2007 then disbursed since I left uni and had to go to work :lol: it at the time a 22 member clan. I am hoping we could start afresh with new people from SGamers and my old mates from the original clan. Where possible I have always hosted the servers and modded/moderated them.

Initially we played CS 1.6 and CSS only.
For this new League now being founded solely on SGamers.org following games will be played other than above:
Left4Dead2 (custom large 20 player servers)
Planetside 2
Battlefield 3
Team fortress 2
Killing Floor (also modified 30 player RPG server)

I am very much inclined to form a large new team of Eve-online players. I like the game but from my experience as beta tester of the game back when it was launched as well as recently , it is clear that it is not for lone-wolf style of play. You need friends.... LOTS of friends If I get 7-10 active pledged clan mates we can start.


How to join.
PM me or post here if you are interested. Add me on steam to talk, that is the fastest. It is ok if you are in other clans. Point is, we are here to play together as one.

Regardless of clans i can still host servers for all to play. Servers I host are not limited to clan's usage only so feel free to request one and I'll try to set it up for SGamers community. Currently I have a working killingfloor server but not many people like custom here in SG. Setting up an L4d2 custom as I write this. It will be a 12-20 player survivor maps only server with fortspawn
Feel free to add me on Raptr
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