Wild Terra - Survival Sandbox Action RPG Hybrid

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Wild Terra - Survival Sandbox Action RPG Hybrid

Postby pyre » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:11 am


What is "Wild Terra"?
It is a hybrid of action-RPG and sandbox with building, crafting, gathering, farming and land claiming elements. There are no NPCs in the game, so the only way to get something is to create it by yourself or buy it from other players... or take it with brutal force. However we understand that not every one have enough time to "live" in the game doing everything by themselves that is why all game processes are expedited to make game a little bit easier.

Will there be PvP in the game?
Yes, you are free to attack and be attacked everywhere. But we already have different servers: with free PvP and PvE only. And PvP also means thatall buildings can be destroyed and you drop all you have in an inventory after death. We believe that players will unite in tribes and kingdoms in the future and rule the world as they wantHowever, there will be safe zones with no loot drop or chance of being attacked. But for now we need to test and balance PvP to make it perfect.

What is the release date?
You can start playing alfa right now if you get early access bundle.

We plan to finish working on Wild Terra in the end of 2015, but that doesn't mean that the game will have it's final look. We will continue to develop new game features, expand the world and fill it with new habitants.

How large will the game world be?
We have to say that current game world is relatively big. If you make a screenshot of it you will get a 65 536x32 768 pixels photo, which is about 1200 game windows, if you count in 22" monitors. However, we plan to create hundreds of new fragments like this one and there won't be borders between them. New world tiles will be added later with world population growth.

What have you already done in the game?
Players find our game very interesting to play, even on such early stages of development.

All basic mechanics are working: gathering, farming, hunting, mining, building, crafting, cooking etc.

Crafting chains, building schemes and new items are added regularly to improve the game. Stone and iron weapons and tools, leather armor, mining and smelting. You can plant trees, cultivate your land, build stone and wooden houses, breed animals.

PvP, buildings destruction, fences, gates, boxes, chests, housing. You can claim your land and settle there or travel around the world and search for treasures and new schemes. All the features are available to you in early access right now.

What are the current system requirements?
On the current stage of development you need: Intel core i5 processor or higher, 4GB RAM or higher, 256mb video card or higher, 1280x800 screen resolution or higher, 5MB per second or higher, internet connection for comfort playing. The game is available on Microsoft, Mac OS and Linux. We plan to make iOS and Android versions later.

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