Guild Description & History

Synapse is a premier, hardcore and competitive SG/Oceanic multi-gaming guild.

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Guild Description & History

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Synapse [SYN] is based in the SG/Oceanic GMT+8 time zone and serves as a long-term MMORPG community for:

- Passionate gamers for life
- Top gaming talents in the SEA region and beyond
- Hardcore PvP and RvR players who wish to play together with skilled team-mates in an organized environment
- MMO veterans whose former guilds have disbanded and are looking for a permanent home


[TESO: April 2014]


[FFXIV ARR: Tonberry]
[SWTOR: The Swiftsure PvP - Republic]
[RIFT: Briarcliff/Laethys - Guardian]
[GW2: Henge of Denravi]

Upcoming Chapters

[Camelot Unchained: ETA 2016]
[Star Citizen: ETA 2016]
[Blade & Soul: ETA 2014]
[ArcheAge: ETA 2014]
[Black Desert Online: ETA 2015]


Although Synapse was officially formed in early 2011, our core is essentially a 'multi-core' assembled from very strong guilds and clans from our region. We're very used to dominating our region's gaming scene for mainstream MMOs, and now aspire to compete on the world-level.

Our initial core consisted of players from:

[Competitive FPS, MOBA and RTS backgrounds]
[WoW: Thaurissan PvP - Alliance - Serious Players] - [Gorgonnash PvP - Alliance - Eternity]
[WoW: Thaurissan PvP - Horde - Quantum]
[WoW: Blackrock/Barthilas PvP - Alliance - Elementium]
[Aion: Nezekan PvP - Asmodian - Nephilim]

Since then we have grown tremendously on a roll of success and achieved..

Achievement Synopsis

- Coalition of renowned SEA and Oceanic gaming clans
- Guild Wars 2: Founding member of #1 Titan Alliance on Henge of Denravi
- Home to accomplished PvP legends eg. Leonardo (10-time Gladiator, Rank 1 Paladin), Mureas (10-time Gladiator, Rank 1 Warrior/Priest), Flimp! and more
- Aion: Rank #1 and most dominant PvP legion (Nephilim) on Nezekan server
- Rift: Oceanic 1st Akylios
- Star Wars The Old Republic: Fielded several dominant PvP teams, Server 1st (Oceanic 2nd) 8-man Nightmare EV+KP clear on Swiftsure server
- Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn: Multiple server firsts on Tonberry server

Guild Description

"In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell."

Synapse is a hardcore progression guild with a melting pot of excellent veteran players at its core, and an extended guest roster of friends. Very much like the definition above, the vision for Synapse is to be THE community that connects quality gamers from our region together, be it individuals or groups. We strive to be considered as the #1 SEA-based guild, and as the top choice that a hardcore gamer from our region will pick when sourcing for a guild.

Drama is left at the door and while we recognize that having fun is an essential experience of gaming, our culture has and will always be centered around meritocracy. We seek players who have great environmental awareness, do their research to improve their performance as well as group synergy, and basically not weigh down the rest of the team. We do not regard hardcore as lengthy play time, but as dedication, knowledge and skill.

The majority of our members hail from Southeast Asia (Singapore/Malaysia), hence our official guild events are held from eg. GMT+8 7.30 pm onwards. We will be focusing primarily on serious, competitive PvP and RvR, with PvE as a side-interest.


[SYN] Synapse - SEA/Oceanic Hardcore MMO Gaming
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