The Elder Scrolls Online - 4th April 2014

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The Elder Scrolls Online - 4th April 2014

Postby ritsuko » Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:09 am

Having confirmed the quality of combat and PvP systems, we will be starting a RvR chapter for TESO. Recruitment is now open!

We are looking for experienced and dedicated PvP-centric players who play in the GMT+8 time-zone to bolster the ranks of our RvR squad. Synapse RvR operates on a tactical, divide and conquer style with one core squad trained to tackle heavy engagements and multiple smaller kill teams performing covert operations or simply hitting where it hurts the most. We value organization, communication and above all, the skill, mechanics and sense to come out on top in PvP.

Sample footage of past RvR in GW2:

If you have no PvP/RvR experience at all, it is unlikely that we'll consider your application. We will consider applicants who show passion and enthusiasm in RvR, and provide training to bolster up their skills, even if they have not rendered any noteworthy PvP achievements before.

If this interests you, do drop us an application @
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