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Postby arcana75 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:34 pm

I watched a few videos, everyone's quite positive about it, except jim who is anti Ubi just because of the MT. But the MT model is an exact copy of the one in Origins from what I have seen. So far all the reviews said the game's leveling is grindy, but no one has said it's gotten worse than the one from Origins, so I can only assume it's the same as Origins and TBH it wasn't that bad.

One reviewer complained that the game forces you to play the side content because the main story is gated by player level so you're being forced to grind levels via side content until you're high enough to continue the main story, but that's the same as Origins. The comment that after 45 hours in, players would still not be able to complete the main story, is striking. Ubi has stretched out the story to make it feel longer. I think this is a troubling design trend, but I suspect it's borrowing from JRPGs of old.

But good as it may be, it's gonna be a wait for a sale since it's going to be extremely formulaic, a more of the same of Origins and I've only just recently completed that one, and it's FC5 first.
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