Our Battlefield 3 Server ONLINE!

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Our Battlefield 3 Server ONLINE!

Postby BryanChung » Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:49 pm


We have rented a gaming server from Multiplay so that we have a personalized Battlefield 3 official ranked server. Our server information are as follows:

Game Modes: Conquest and Rush
Max players: 32
Map time: 20 minutes
Map round: 1 Round
Map rotation: Grand Bazaar, Noshahar Canals, Operation Metro, Seine Crossing, Damavand Peak
Server location: Singapore
Server admins: [T1SG]urfath3r and [T1SG]BryanChung84

Our server is also Procon enabled. That means we have included some fun and useful addons to our server.

This server will be LIVE for the next one month. Then based on the response to our active our server will people play in, we will then determine whether or not to continue renting the server. Hence, we really need your support! Please also feel free to leave your comment and feedback on our Facebook wall to tell us what we can do to improve the server for your enjoyable. With that said, the above server information may be edited without prior notice.

Click on the banner above now to check us out in Battlelog and remember to bookmark our server! Share the news with your Battlefield 3 friends! Finally, we are looking to recruit new players to join us! If you are keen on joining us, please check the Recruitment page.

See you around in server!
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