Tomorrow's the 7th Anniversary....

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Tomorrow's the 7th Anniversary....

Postby Jayson » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:02 pm

17th April....

That day kiddos, was one of the darkest days of our gaming lives; the PlayStation Network was hit by an outage caused by hackers. Stealing credit card information, stopping all PlayStation Network services and all and such. I was still jamming with buddies at that time in PlayStation Home when it hit. At first I thought my parents had shut off the internet by accident but no; my brother is still surfing the net on his laptop and the cable is still broadcasting sports. Only my PS3 lacked network and as time went on, my worst fears were realised; PSN got hacked!


Anonymous, the mysterious hacker group had hacked PSN days or weeks earlier in response to Sony suing George Hotz, who hacked into the PS3 console. They stopped later but the damage had been done and possibly another group went in to grab credit card data and various other customers’ information. To gamers; one minute you’re playing online with friends and other players and then you got kicked out by the outage. All because of those hacking bastards.

The outage lasted over 40+ days and costing Sony $171 million in damages. Though things have improved, and issues settled and some questions answered. Some people like myself have felt that the other reason why the PSN got hacked wasn’t about money.

If I may say so myself, it’s a console war issue here. Many will definitely disagree with me on this but this is my conclusion.

The other reason why PSN got hacked by hackers wasn’t for money. Rather, it’s a console fanboy issue as well as being a dirty business tactic. Since 2009, believe it or not, the PS3 was beginning to see momentum in the gaming business. Apart from losing exclusives, PS3 also gained some in return in the form of the Ninja Gaiden series (retitled Ninja Gaiden Sigma) and the Mass Effect series; both are formerly Xbox 360 exclusives. PS3 games are also become blockbusters like the Uncharted series having won more GOTY (Game of the Year) awards than Halo, Gears of War and Forza combined. Blu-Ray disc technology used by Sony as their standard format eliminates the need for a second disc and most games now support 3D function, something that the Xbox 360 lacked. The EVO Fighting Game Championship uses the PS3 as their official console for their tournament because of its reliability and low breakdown rate compared to the Xbox 360.

The string of awards won by only PlayStation exclusives (Uncharted team above) drove Microsoft to commit dirty business tactics
by hiring hackers to cripple the PSN in order to gain the upper hand in the console wars.

As a result the hackers, believed to be Xbox 360 fanboys, then hired by Microsoft, decided to team up and hack the PSN, denying innocent players online gaming and other services. It is likely aimed at gamers who are playing Killzone 3 (released in 2011 as well) and also to vent their anger at PS3 owners finally playing former Xbox 360 exclusive games. If not for the decision made by EA to port Mass Effect 2 over to PS3, the game would’ve won another GOTY award for the Xbox Empire since GOTY games by the PS3 outnumber the Xbox 360 games by a huge gap (Xbox 360 only has Halo as the sole GOTY winner). Microsoft (Xbox 360 creator) also helped fund hacker George Hotz’s lawsuit leading to speculation that he worked for Microsoft and has helped them hack the PS3 to find a weakness of sorts.

While the lawsuit between Sony and George Hotz ended, the console war reached an all-out high. Xbox fans despite the hacked felt insulted that another PS3 exclusive has won another GOTY award, Uncharted 3, as well as seeing Sony still picking up the pieces and stealing the show at E3 that same year. Even the delay of the next PS3 exclusive, The Last Guardian, wasn’t enough to damper the PS3 image. The Japanese console has seen a lot of damage that year, especially that earthquake in March 11 but it still fight on to see another day.

And regardless of reason no matter what reports or others will say, I (any many others) will always believe that this hacking on Sony PlayStation 3 and the PSN was instigated by Microsoft and their Xbox fans whom some are also hackers themselves because they hate the console for its successes. There’s nothing I can do about it, except to sneeze or spit at every Xbox demo-station I may see at game shops, IT bazaars or road-shows whenever the chance arises.

Some wounds will never heal…maybe until Microsoft discontinued their console business now that Japan last year showed that the Xbox has no place in the gaming world. Well, only USA will be their home for good. And rather than to expand worldwide. I rather prefer the Xbox not to exist at all.

As of this writing it's been 5 years since the release of both the superior PlayStation 4 and the shitty Xbox One. The PS4 is going to be rocked with the release of the already acclaimed God of War, the soon-coming Detroit: Become Human, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and more. The Xbox One has NO GAMES to show for ever. Even when it was announced at E3 2013 the console was has already ended with Sony being the winner outright.

“What a childish fanboy rant!” will be the answer by many of you for sure. But denial is futile, for the true lies in the many actions that happened before everyone and that the PlayStation Network was indeed hacked by Microsoft-hired hackers, to retain the lead in console gaming dominance.

Fuck you and your mother George Hotz. And fuck you Microsoft and your shitty Xbox!

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Re: Tomorrow's the 7th Anniversary....

Postby arcana75 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:47 pm

Welcome back!
Happy 40th birthday to me! 7000th trophy and 130th plat - Batman Arkham Knight!
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