Forum Guidelines and Usage FAQ

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Forum Guidelines and Usage FAQ

Postby admin » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:13 pm

Forum Guidelines

•No selling/buying of in-game currencies.
•No impersonation, i.e. setting someone else's PSN ID, XBL Gamertag, or Steam ID, in your forum profile.
•Any PSN ID with hacked trophies will be immediately disqualified from the Trophy Leaderboard.
•There is a 255 character limit for signatures, but we advise SGamers to exercise restraint when customising their signatures. advocates a rough maximum visible signature of 1 trophy card, or approximately 6 lines of text. Feel free to have longer signatures, but please put them in SPOILER or TITLEDSPOILER tags. Inside tags, almost anything goes.
•No posting of job recruitment unless gaming related.
•No links to betting websites.
•No sales of digital games via transfer of PSN/SEN accounts.
•Do not create more than 1 thread for a single game.

Members who fail to comply with the above will first receive a courtesy call via PM, following immediate remedial action by a moderator. After issuing repeated warnings, the account may be subject to a ban (which can be for a period of time or permanent).

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FAQ - General

Postby admin » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:15 pm

FAQ - General

How to change the post per page limit

Under User Control Panel, click 'Profile'. You will be at the 'Edit Profile' page. Here you can edit the field 'Posts per page' to the value you desire. The default is set to 15, and the maximum is 100.

How to add your Gamer IDs (i.e. PSN, XBL and Steam)

Under User Control Panel, click 'Profile'. You will be at the 'Edit Profile' page. Here you can input your Gamer IDs, using the fields 'PSN ID', 'XBL Gamertag' and 'Steam ID'.

I added a PSN ID, why can't I access the Leaderboard?

To be able to view the Leaderboard, you must transfer 150 SGP to the admin account via the SGP donate/transfer function with the comment 'Leaderboard Unlock'. An admin or moderator will grant you the access soon after. If you do not yet have 150 SGP, you will need to earn it by participating in the forum for abit to accrue enough points. Go do it, it's easy :)

I added a PSN ID, why doesn't the trophy card pop up when I roll-over my PSN ID?

First, as PSN IDs are case-sensitive, please check to see if the correct case is used. Second, please ensure that you have a trophy card generated for your PSN ID on If the roll-over still does not work, please look for an admin or moderator.

Is there a mobile view for smartphones?

Yes there is :D If browsing the site on your smartphone doesn't automatically switch you to the mobile view, click 'Switch to mobile style' near the bottom of the site. Alternatively, you can click here.

Topic Icon Guidelines

Image Starred Post
Image Touchy Topics
Image Love or Passionate Topic
Image Thinking or Wondering about something
Image Asking Questions
Image Alert! Urgent Topic
Image Informative Topic
Image Embarrasing Topic
Image Happy Topic
Image- Sports thread
Image- Trophy/Achievement related or prize/giveaway related as well or even tournament-related
Image- Sad
Image- Angry
Image- Wii or Wii U
Image- XBox or XBL
Image- Not Safe For Work
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FAQ - BBCode

Postby admin » Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:53 am

FAQ - BBCode

How to embed YouTube videos

UPDATE: 12th August 2016: Refer to this thread on the exact steps.

How to use/embed iFrames

Relatively simple, just provide the URL and width and height for the frame:
Code: Select all
[iframe] width=300 height=500[/iframe]

The above will create an iframe of width 300px and height 500px with scrollbars if required. URL (with http://), width and height are all mandatory values to be provided.

How to use Titled Spoiler tags

Titled Spoiler tags work like the normal Spoiler tags except you can name the hyperlink to click to reveal the hidden segment:
Code: Select all
[titledspoiler=what I am playing][iframe] width=250 height=151[/iframe][/titledspoiler]

The above will create the below effect:

"CLICK TO SHOW" and "CLICK TO HIDE" are fixed.
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FAQ - Trophies and SGP

Postby admin » Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:21 pm

FAQ - Trophies and SGP

SGamer Points (SGP)

SGP is the in-forum currency. Posting in SGamers will earn you points and longer posts earn more points per post. Each month there is also a lottery where a jackpot prize can be won by buying lottery tickets. SGP can also be stolen from other forumers, but beware, failure results in a penalty of SGP deducted from your own SGP, which is then deposited into the monthly SGP Lottery.

Accumulated SGP can be used to redeem/unlock premium features on the site.


Just like X360 Achievements or PS3 Trophies, complete certain objectives and you'll earn a shiny Trophy in your profile! Trophies can be seen in User Profile, or the right side of each thread. Some Trophies can be earned only once, and some can be earned multiple times, and some Trophies once earned, award bonus points.

Trophies are awarded manually, so if you don't get a certain Trophy after reaching the milestone please be patient. Either wait for one of us to award it, or you can nominate it to the Admins (there should be a nominate option). For now, these are some of the Trophies you can earn:

And They'll Tell Two Friends - 50 SGP
- 1) Like our page in Facebook:
- 2) Follow us in Twitter: (optional)
- 3) Invite your gamer friends to like us in Facebook or follow us in Twitter (optional)

2012 - Make at least 1 post between 11pm 31st Dec 2012 and 1am 1st Jan 2013. 100 SGP.

Pioneer - sign up by 31st Jan 2013 and make at least 20 posts. 50 SGP.

Post Slinger - hit 3 posts per day average at the end of any month. 50 SGP.

Post Storm 1/2/3 - reach 100/500/1000 posts. 50 SGP each.

Forum Boss 1/2/3 - reach 100/200/500 posts in 1 sub-forum. 50 SGP each.

Thread Boss 1/2/3 - reach 10/20/50 posts in a single thread. 50 SGP each.

Some of these Trophies like Thread Boss and Forum Boss can be earned multiple times, ie the number value gets higher and higher, reaching different milestones and thus earning new Trophies. We'll be adding new trophies along the way.
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FAQ - Membership Tiers and User Groups

Postby admin » Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:20 am

FAQ - Membership Tiers

SGamers has implemented tiered memberships, with each higher membership unlocking more features on the site. Here are some of the features you can enjoy in each membership:

  • 150SGP to unlock.
  • Private Messages increased from 50 to 200.
  • Able to view the Leaderboard.

  • Must be a Bronze member.
  • 500SGP to unlock.
  • Retain all unlocks from Bronze membership.
  • Private Messages increased from 200 to 500.
  • Able to change default usergroup.

  • Must be a Silver member.
  • 1500SGP to unlock.
  • Retain all unlocks from Silver membership.
  • Private Messages increased from 500 to 1000.
  • Able to apply into the Game Swap Ring.
  • Able to apply to redeem SGP.

To unlock, send the required SGP amount (150/500/1500) to admin with a note to unlock the memberships for you, and it would be done asap. If you prefer you can skip memberships by just sending the combined amount (eg 650 for Silver, 2250 for Gold, etc) and making a note of it in your PM.

FAQ - Groups

How to change color of Forum ID

The color of the Forum ID is dependent on the default group you have chosen. The default group for all users upon registering with the forums is 'Registered Users'. If you are part of more than 1 group, you can change your Forum ID color by changing your default group.

You can do this under User Control Panel. Click 'Usergroups'. You will see the groups that you currently have leadership/membership at the top of the list. To change your group, select the accompanying radio button on the left side of the group name for which you wish to change to. Click ‘Change default group’ and viola!
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