Preview of features to be added this year

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Preview of features to be added this year

Postby arcana75 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:15 am

Hi all, I thought I'd announce a bunch of features we will definitely bring onboard by the end of this year, and to describe what these features do.

Custom view for smartphones
Simply put a mobile view. Instead of using an app, the site will be sized to a mobile browser, auto-detected. Naturally due to the size, some site features will be missing eg trophycard hover, avatars, signatures, etc. Attached images are ok tho and oversized ones will be auto-resized. The whole point of a mobile view is to make viewing on a mobile device as efficient as possible, so we don't want to clutter the view too much.

Forum rank progress bar
Simply put a graphic bar to show how much more to get to the next Forum Rank. We will be diversifying the Forum Rank further with more progressions. No more shall you be kept in the dark regarding the next Forum Rank! We're still deciding on the theme to adopt, but we have a few in consideration now, including fantasy, military, Star Wars and descriptive themes.

Points System
Every new post, poll and thread will be awarded SGamer Points (SGP). Longer posts get more points. These points can also be placed in a Bank to accrue interest. What do these points do? We intend to line up a few redemption offers or to unlock additional features in the site, but we'll be keeping these plans secret for now, as we have yet to decide on the redemption values and what features will be locked, and we're still in talks with some game shops to work with us.

Trophy System
Just like any PS3 game, you can now earn Trophies in the forum if you meet certain criteria. These Trophies will be visible in both the Profile bar and the User Profile page. Trophies can be time-based, task-based, milestone-based, or tied to your gaming profiles. Also, some Trophies will earn you bonus SGP. We will also be posting the Trophies that can be earned and how to earn them. No sorry there won't be a Roadmap :) but rest assured the descriptions will not be cryptic and will be easily understood to know how to earn each Trophy.

In-forum file attachment
A simple addon to attach files to your posts. Rarely needed but sometimes it's useful, eg if you want to share a pdf of a magazine scan, xls sheet of some gamestats calculator or even savegames.

That's all for now. Will appreciate any feedback!
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